Disclaimer Policy

Disclaimer Policy

The investments involved in the equity market come at great risk. All the recommendations made here on the CMIL platform are based purely on technical analysis and individual observations. These recommendations have been prepared carefully, and will bear zero responsibility by the Indian Stock Academy for the consequences, legal or otherwise, that may result out of acting on these recommendations.

Disclosure Policy

The contact attempts (such as calls, emails and texts) made from and to this platform are strictly for information purposes and does not recommend any person to buy or sell anything. Although the information has been derived from reliable and trustworthy sources, no guarantee of its accuracy and factuality is provided. Visitors and/users who buy or sell securities on the basis of the information provided on this platform are fully responsible for their actions.

CMIL makes the sincerest of efforts to present the correct investment standpoint. However, we do not assure the accuracy or the precision of those standpoints. The information provided here shall be used for personal information and the CMIL Pvt. Ltd. is not to be held responsible for any loss, injury, or damage (financial or other) of any kind that may incur because of acting upon these recommendations.

The user must acknowledge that they are browsing through this website out of their own free will and cannot hold the website, or its team, responsible for any views expressed.

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