Fundamental Analysis Course

Better returns with investment in stocks need more work than just a stroke of dumb-luck. In a monkey-say monkey-do environment we often see people bet on stocks basis hear-say comments and advice. But one needs to approach investing in stocks a little more scientifically if they desire to achieve their goals or even supercede market performance. You need the right tools as well as the sufficient knowledge of market and its workings. Fundamental Analysis help an investor with better insight about the company, its business, the industry, market stance and performance vis-a-vis its peers, macro economic conditions and how it affects the company’s earnings in the future etc to make an informed decision.


Our Fundamental Analysis Training Course is aptly structured to provide the participants with the understanding of basic concepts and terminologies as well as the advance capital market techniques to apply their learnings effectively for better gain.The course includes

  • Economic, Industry and Company Analysis.
  • Undertaking both Quantitative and Qualitative fundamental research
  • Analysing Stock Valuation and Price Evolution.
  • Understanding Cash Flow Statement, Income Statement and Balance Sheet.
  • Understanding Ratios like Liquidity Ratio, Solvency Ratio, Operating Ratio, Financial Leverage etc.
  • Understanding Risk Return, Discounted Cash Flow, Free Cash Flows, Cost of Capital for Equity Valuation.
  • Practical Application of Fundamental Analysis


Rs 40000/-

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Register for Demo Class

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