Future & Option Course

Futures and Options present a lucrative market owing to price speculation involved in future price movements. Anyone equipped with the right  training and knowledge can use it to their advantage to either diversify investment across asset classes for better hedge against market and credit risks or to simply grow your investments multifold.

Our Future and Option Training Course will help you learn the techniques to apply simple rule-based strategies for maximum benefit. The course involves in-depth learning to

  • Fundamental understanding of Future and Options
  • Identify and analyze whether the stock is over or underpriced.
  • Inter Market analysis and practical execution of trade strategies
  • Identify low risk/high reward opportunities.
  • Devising a planned strategy and application of trading tools
  • Better understanding of entry and exit price points
  • Understanding market concepts like In the money, At the money and Out of the money when you enter trade.
  • Using option techniques to hedge or manage risks.


Derivatives Training
Introduction to Derivatives
1 Types of Derivatives and its Comparison
2 Need for Derivatives
3 Participants in Derivatives
Equity Derivatives – Futures
1 Terminoligies – Spot, Futures, Basis, Contract Details etc
2 Settlement Mechanish – Daily & Expiry
3 Pricing of Equity Futures
4 Rolling Over
Cash Future Arbitrage Mechanism
1 Cash Future Arbitrage
2 Reverse Cash Future Arbitrage
3 Rollovers
4 Expiry
Equity Derivatives – Options
1 Definition and Terminoligies
2 Premium Composition
3 Pay-off Profiles
4 Put Call Parity
5 Option Pricing
1 Options Trading v/s Futures/Cash Trading
2 Strike Price Selection of Long/Short Options
3 Spread Strategies
4 Volatility Calculation and Trading


Rs 10000/-

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