Advisory Services

Since CMIL Pvt. Ltd. is an integrated institution of trade market professionals, we make it our job to provide as many useful and productive services to our clients as possible. For this reason, our knowledgeable and qualified team members have opened the gates for CMIL Advisory Services, where a group of highly-experienced individuals work their brains off to offer you professional and personalized consultancy services on your investment plans. Our advisory services aid you in executing transformative initiatives. We are the people you rely on when you need to change strategy into reality.

The CMIL Pvt. Ltd. institution primarily provides two kinds of Advisory Services:

  • Trade Management Services
  • Trade Signals Services

Trade Management Services

The success of a business depends heavily on a well-thought out and well-executed strategy. A strategy that is stretchy and have the potential of responding to assorted challenges of the trading procedure. The key to success in the trading market lies in grabbing the right opportunity and turning it into a money-making fiasco. The CMIL team, under the Trade Management Services, takes on the responsibility to manage the clients’ business and their risk to reward ratio. Focusing on developing a full-proof business strategy, in the Trade Management Services, we administer the entire trade and portfolio of the client. The services require a minimum investment of INR 10 lakh. After careful analysis and speculation of market behavior, we offer our clients suggestions of investing their money. The risks associated with these services usually fall near about 1 lakh INR. But, this strategy also holds in itself the potential to make around 1 lakh INR per month. The CMIL Pvt. Ltd. charges only 10-15% of the profit.

Trade Signals Services

Trade Signal Services are far less complicated than the Trade Management Services. In Trade Signal Services, the CMIL team studies the market behavior and makes suggestion to the client about the best trade signals. These trade signals can be in the form of rectangles, bull or bear pennants, triangles, wedges, or head-and-shoulder chart patterns. In the CMIL Trade Signals Services, a client is offered a maximum of two open trade positions which are secured on an individual or alternate basis. To put it simply, it means that the second trade will only be dealt after the first trade has been closed. All the trades in the Trade Signal Service bear positional aspects. The Trade Signal Services usually call for monthly or trade-wise investment.

The CMIL Pvt. Ltd. Institution works closely with the clients to develop and implement strategies that help the client make the best of the trade market. In case, you require services that wonder around the boundaries of the ones mentioned above but haven’t been covered, you can contact our team at all times. It is only wise to take full advantage of a resource that holds the potential to make you richer. Let the professionals help you make money from the ever volatile trade market while you sit back and relax.

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