Professional Analyzing Course

Professional Analyzing Course

Course helps to analyze equity, Commodity & currency Market deeply. Observation & Practicing it is possible to understand Macro to Micro movement of each market.

Stage 1

Technical Analysis, Graphs, Charts, Support & Resistance, Nature of Charts, Bar Chart, J Chart, Significance of Price, Trend & Trend Line, Trend Reversal, Co-relations of Time Frame Chart.
Study of Indicators Moving Average, MACD, RSI in detail (Calculation, Uses, Relation of each other) other indicator in brief.
Selection of Parameter of Indicator & its Co-relations.
Trade Strategies – Buy Strategy, Buy for New High Long Term (Delivery Buy & Hold, Intra-day Buy), Buy for Retracement & Extension.
Relation of Fundamentals & Technical, Relation of News with Technical. Selection of Stocks for Delivery Buy.

Stage II

Fibonacci Ratio, Price retracement, Price Extension & Calculating of Support & Resistance.
Introduction of FNO Derivative Market.
Technical Strategy in FNO.
Technical Strategy :Positional & Intra-day Buy, Positional & Intra-day Short Sell techniques. Selection of stocks.

stage III

Divergences, effective divergences Double Tops , Double Bottoms & Pattern Formation.
Some Candlestick patterns.
Understanding break outs.
Six Different Trends.
FNO Detail.
Trade Strategy with FNO, Trick to become successful Intraday Trader in FNO.

Course -Pattern

20% Theory + 80% Practicals
Course = Theory part + Off Market Practical + Live market Practical


Rs 35000/-


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